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Relationships can be fixed if you really want it to work and give it your all to make it LAST


First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my website!

My name is John Jones and I am over 30 now already…unfortunately I am getting old. I created the website ⇒ HTWR • How To Win Relationships because I am passionate about helping others improve their relationships. I have reads lots of books in the categories of Relationships, Communication, Dating, Love, Success, Self-Confidence, and many others. Honestly I cannot tell you how many books I have read over the past 10 years, but surely it has been quite a few.I have spent a lot of time interviewing all kinds of people about their relationships and many hours counseling and helping people everywhere all over the world.

Along time ago before after I had a bad breakup I had to reflect on why I keep failing and making some awful mistakes in my relationships when all that I wanted to do was to be happy. Like most people! .. but I could not make the right choices. 

I did not want to blame the woman I was with (my ex-girlfriend at the time) because I believed we have to take responsibility for our actions and consequences.

Failure is inevitable, but misery is an option

So one day I picked up a book called Love Tactics – How to Win the One You Want (NO I AM NOT Trying To Sell You The Book). I remember I had just gone in the military when I read that book, therefore on my time off I read it as quick as possible. That book changed my life and my whole view and perception on relationships.

I learned quiet a few things, or should I say, I became conscious of my mistakes. I saw that my thoughts, habits, and actions were not congruent to a successful relationship!

I started implementing what I learned and interviewed as many people as I could. I then started giving advice to friends and family. They kept coming back and thanking me for changing their lives.

The feeling that you can have of help someone by just sharing a few words of advice, is GREAT. I set out a life goal to make as much of a difference that I could in others while I was still here on this earth. The the way I felt I could help many was through relationship advice.

I am glad to create a website where I could help others learn how to fix their relationships and feel love once again.

This website is about:

  • Dating
  • Relationship Advice
  • Fixing Breakups
  • Tips on Marriage

I need your help to share my website with those that need relationship advice as this website grows with valuable information all the time. So please share!

I hope I can help you with some of the information on this website. Yes I do have some Affiliate Links on my website where I can make a commission if any sales are made. I make a small portion, to link products that I believe can be valuable to you. It helps me keep the site up. While the revenue I make is small with each sale, I am just glad to be able to create content and share with you. There are lots of free articles on this website that I know you will enjoy.

Please leave me your comments and questions. I will be glad to answer. You can go to my contact page where you can send me an email. Any relationship advice that you need, I am here to help you anytime. It is my passion to coach, teach, influence, and impact others’ lives.

There are tons of other great books that I will recommend at a later time. Thanks Again For Visiting! Lots of Success and Happiness to you.

John Jones is a Relationship Coach, speaker, and mentor. He is a master at helping others with their relationship problems. His goal is to help as many people as possible to be successful in their relationship. Check out: John Jones on Google

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