5 tips You Should Master to Become Skilled at Approaching Women

how to approach women

Are you having problems approaching women and getting rejected?

Did you know that are some key skills that you can work on and become a dating stud who creates instant attraction?

I cannot guarantee that you will get any girl you want, because that is impossible.

But if you start taking action on the steps below, YOU Will increase you abilities and skills in approaching women and avoiding rejection.

Every one, including YOU.. were born equally equipped with talents and abilities within that needs to be discovered.

The secret of successful men appears always to be a superstar in approaching women is that their confidence level is high and they have learned how to create instant Attraction.


Here are 5 Steps to Approaching Women


  • Think Positive

It is very important that you believe that you deserve a good woman and that you are able to pick any girl up at any time. No matter what, you cannot let the thought of rejection fill your mind.


Because your body language will reflect your mind (thoughts). The men who are skilled in the art of approaching women are always bragging about pick up many girls.

That is not what I recommend you should do, but if you study them…

YOU will see that they think positive in regards to approaching women and do not fear rejection.

  • High Self-Confidence

You have to value yourself enough and truly believe that a girl would be lucky to hook up with you.

Being confident in your self no matter what you have been through, takes practice but once you master the skill, everyone around you will notice.

It is in the way you walk, the way you look, and the way you act…Basically all over your body language.

Women likes to to be approached by self-confident men. They respect and value that. Deep down inside all women likes a leader. Every leader is self-confident.

  • Aware of Her Body Language

Study her body language. Ty to make eye contact for more than 3 seconds. Most likely if she looks at your eyes more than 3 seconds, she is interested in you.

If she has not noticed you yet, she will notice you now. Do keep your posture, holding your head up and shoulders back to reflect your self-confidence and strength.

Do not stare at her for long periods of time because you do not want to appear too easy or scare her, making her think you are a stalker.

Watch if she keeps looking back and if she looks down a lot. Looking down is a sign of being shy.

  • Find Out If She is Single

When making conversation, find out if she is single. Some men do like to hook up with women who isn’t single but really there is no honor in that.

A women who is not single and do hook up with a guy will probably hook up with anyone. So value yourself enough to look for the single ones.

Yes, they are plenty of single ladies out there. More single ones than ones in relationships.

  • Be Genuine and Honest

This is the key to getting respect, creating character, and making a good reputation.

There are plenty of men who will brag about themselves, and lie to hook up with many different women. In the end, they will find out the truth and ruin your reputation.

You want to win her by who you really are. That is why positive thinking and self-confidence comes first.

The reason is that when you are confident in the person who you really are, believe in yourself no matter what, you do not have to lie.

VERY IMPORTANT FINAL Words..Before Approaching Women


Do not keep on bragging and talking too much about yourself. Most women get turned off with guys who needs to talk too much about themselves.

The key is to become interested in them. Women likes to talk therefore you should ask many questions about her.

When you ask questions, pay attention to her. Look in her eyes and listen carefully.

Showing interest in her, will spark a connect and attraction.

Do not talk about your ex.


Remember to have fun when approaching women. Every one has fear and sometimes think negative.

There is no beautiful woman out there who sometimes does not lack self-confidence and also fears. Therefore be natural and show who you really are.

When you have self-developed (VERY IMPORTANT), you can hold a positive self-image and can approach any woman knowing that she is lucky to have you in her life. It is not about looks, it is about who you really are.

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