Mind-Blowing but Effective Simple Ways to Attract a Female

female attraction

Are you trying to attract that girl you see all the time, but have never talked to?

Are you trying to attract a female friend in which you want to date her?

Maybe you want to find a new girlfriend or start dating again but have not had any luck.

I am going to share with you what I learned from my own personal experience in living in 2 different countries and in different cultures. I experienced meeting females who spoken different languages, were different age differences, and had different habits.

Therefore, what you should know, “Just My Opinion”…

Attracting a female will not change based on where you live or are in the world. Females are not all the same, but are not all different neither. There are only humans just like us. Yes, being a man… I do love them, but I prefer to be with only one, rather than a whole bunch. But that is not the subject right now.

Here is what I think YOU Should know if you are trying to attract a female. It is simple but extremely effective.

  • Confidence – Yes I know you have heard this before, or maybe you have a hard time being self-confident. But confidence is the key to every success in life. If you are confident you will act in a way that will attract anything you want. Why? Because it makes you go after what you want effectively with all your energy. [Read More: Self-Confidence Tips]
  • Charisma – You have to be charismatic to be liked. You have to use your personal magnetic power to attract a female or just any person to like you. We are energy living beings, therefore whatever we are feeling or thinking at the moment, will spread like wi-fi through all around you. That is why you know when a happy person comes inside a room. Or is someone is sad or moody around you, it wears on you. Therefore you should smile more often, with confidence and actually inner happiness. That will act like a magnet to attract a female and make her bound to look at you.

Here is a very cool free video that you can watch to learn how to attract a female:

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A very important tip to make a female want you in order to start attracting her is to flirt. Yes little by little let her know, or think that you want her.

Do not completely ignore her, like I have in the past many times thinking that girls would want me because I was hard to get. Yes, some did…but most of the ones I really liked didn’t want me because they thought I didn’t like them. Therefore I lost many opportunities to attract a girl that I wanted.

Here is another article that talks about how to handle the awkward silence when trying to attract a female: Attraction by Avoiding Silence.

There is not perfect method to attract any female. The secret is to just be you. But learn how to properly express yourself and be always at your best. Do not ever let any negative thought overcome you mind in which will definitely act against you attracting any girl.

I hope you learned something reading this. Please leave your comments below. I wish you success. Take care.

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