After Facing WAR How did I Get My Ex-Girlfriend Back? PART 2

Get My Ex-Girlfriend Back
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This is part 2 of the article on the second page. If you want to read the first half of this article, go here [READ: After Facing WAR How did I Get My Ex-Girlfriend Back? PART 1]

So I told you what I went through and how I felt. Now this is what happened next…

One day I bought a relationship book and started reading. I started reading while being a little skeptical about thinking someone could some my problem. The book was amazing. I probably read it in about 2 days. It opened my mind to ideas that I never thought about before.

I started reading another book, then another, and I could not stop. So much information that I thought I knew but did now know one percent of it. Reading changed my life around.

It made me reflect on the things that I did wrong. I learned why I acted the way I acted. I understood that it was my fault and not my ex-girlfriend’s for the break up. She was sick and tired of putting up with me. I was absolutely cold with her all the time and did not realize that I was hurting her feelings.

So I had to go through the break up with my ex-girlfriend to realize that the problem was me. I did not give her the affection, appreciation, and attention she needed. If I had done so, she would have been fulfilled and happy. She wouldn’t have broken up with me because she loved me.

Therefore I started on a journey to make my self better. I realized that God is in control of everything and that if she was going to get back with me, she was regardless. Therefore I would be a better man.

But in my mind I was so convicted to change my bad habits through the new self-realization, that even if I did not get back with my ex-girlfriend I would make my next girlfriend really happy. I promised my self that I would be the best boyfriend I could be in my next relationship.

If you just broke up with your ex-girlfriend you should avoid contacting Her right now. You need to focus on yourself!

I am going to share with you the topics that you must master before getting back with your ex-girlfriend.

Learn Everything You Can On The List Below.

This Helped Me Get My Ex Girlfriend Back!

  • Communication – communication is the foundation of any relationship. Most break ups occur not because of the lack of love but because there is not enough communication. Most people have very poor communication skills that is why they are constantly fighting and arguing with others. Learn everything you can on Listening and expressing your feelings. Believe me this will help you tremendously.
  • Trust – Trust is the second most important piece in a relationship. Without trust you cannot have a committed relationship knowing that your partner will be there no matter what. Read more on trust, [how to build back trust in a relationship]
  • How to give and show (Affection, Appreciation, and Attention). This is the key to making any woman happy.

Leadership – It is very important that a man learns how to lead. He will be the head of the family one day therefore he needs to learn how properly lead his wife and his children. A girl looks for a guy who has these qualities in order to see a future with them.

This is What I did before I was able to get my ex girlfriend back.

I worked out and concentrated on my physical appearance. I cut my hair more often, bought some news clothes, and some new things I liked. This boosted my self esteem and confidence. I was able to completely be whole by myself again. I realized that if I did not do the difficult work of making myself whole, every relationship was an attempt to fulfill the void inside of me. Therefore I was happy on my own.

After a a few months while not contacting my ex at all, she called me all of a sudden. I did not pick up the phone. I ignored it. Yes I did play hard to get. She had told me she found someone else when we broke up. Therefore I had to do what I had to do. After a week or so, knowing that she was probably wondering how I was and missed me or else she wouldn’t have called, I decided to contact her.


I did not call because I would not be able to say everything that I had to say.

I wrote a long letter which explained everything. I put everything out. I completely expressed myself. My fears, concerns, love, mistakes, IMPROVEMENT, what I learned, and what my future Goals were. I put my whole honest heart into it.

She contact me right after she read the letter and said she could not stop crying. She wanted to get back together. We got back together for another year until I left for the military.

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