Scientific Steps In Getting The Love You Want Guaranteed

Getting the love you want is possible only if you learn certain human needs and wants. One of the most important human needs is to be praised, valued and adored.

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Everyone loves to be praised and valued. Who doesn’t?

Didn’t it feel good when someone gave you a compliment?

Someone told you they missed you?

Someone told you that you made a difference in their lives?

To get the love you want you have to praise, encourage, adore, compliment, value and give love.

The more love you give, the easier getting the love you want will be. Why? Because that is the way the law of attraction works. The more you give the more your vibrations are in align to receive.

In order to get the love you want you have to take risks and not be afraid of rejection. You have to try your best always. It is better to take chances and fail at love then never trying at all.


If you are single, here is a few tips in getting the love you want


  • Be Honest
  • Express Yourself Fully
  • Take Risks
  • Ask That Person Out If You Like Them
  • Go In For the Kiss When You Feel it
  • Romance, Romance, Romance (Everyone Loves It)
  • Send Flowers/Write A Love Note
  • Give Love = Receive Love


Getting The Love You Want When You Are In A Relationship Or Married


  • Show Appreciation
  • Give Attention
  • Give Affection
  • Express Your Feelings At All Times
  • Build Trust By Being Honest
  • Give Love = Receive Love
  • Communication, Communication (Active Listening + Slow To Speak = Great Communication)
  • Say Exactly With Detail What You Need And Mean At ALL Times


Like I have explained, getting the love you want requires giving. The more you give love, the more love you will receive.

But…..If you are not receiving the love you want due to the fact that your partner is not giving you love, you have to express to them exactly what you need.

Give them the opportunity to change. If they will not, than that person is not right for you. No matter how much you care for them, do you really want to be with someone who is not willing to give you the love you need?

In order to receive love (get the love you want) you must love yourself first. No one will ever love you without you loving yourself first. Really!!

Therefore, if your partner is not willing to give love after you have given your all (Your Precious Love and Attention), then out of loving yourself first, you need to move on.

Getting The Love You Want
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Getting the love you want requires knowing what women need. Women need what I call, the 3 A’s. AFFECTION, ATTENTION, APPRECIATION. Once you give the 3 A’s, Woman will feel LOVED. Believe me, they will give you the love you want!




Guys will give you the love you want if you show that everything they do is appreciated. Guys want to feel like guys. They want to feel like you are very interested at the things they do, no matter how boring it is. They want to feel when they take you out or when they get you something it is the best thing in the world? Why..that is just how guys are.

Getting the love you want is possible when you give out love!

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Get The Love You Want
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