How To Win My Ex Back

How To Win My Ex Back
(Last Updated On: November 3, 2016)

Do you know how to win your ex back? Have you been struggling and thinking, ” I don’t know how to win my ex back“? Have you been going crazy and do not know what to do?

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Break Up Advice

Well, I know the feeling it sucks. I went through a few break ups and the feeling is one of the worst emotional feelings in the world. You can’t sleep, concentrate, or even function at work.


You start eating every bad thing there is, such as chocolate and ice cream. You feel like you want to call them and text them.

Believe me, I know what you are going through. Everywhere you go, you think you see your ex or even imagine seeing them somewhere.

From losing a couple of ex’s in the past, I learned a few tricks that helped me get my ex back that I want to share it with you.

I helped a good friend who was going through deep depression and did not know what to do. I was able to teach him some ways to get his ex back and in no time, he was extremely happy again and his ex was running right back into his arms.

Here I am going to share a few secrets that if you do them, you will win your ex back! I give you my word.

First Step – How To Win My Ex Back

You need to calm down and take a deep breath. Do not call or contact them right away. Give them a little bit of space. You ex is not going to forget you right away. It is not easy to forget an ex no matter what you head might be telling you.

People always miss the person they were with. Even if your ex finds someone else right away, it will never work until time passes and they are completely done with their ex.

I know it is easier said than done, but every action you take when you are not emotionally stable and with anger, frustration, remorse, or extreme sadness leads to making mistakes and taking inappropriate actions that you will regret.

You need to value yourself and know that you are important.

It does not matter what happened in the break up, who’s fault it is, and what your ex is doing right know. You need to make yourself stable and in complete control of your actions and thoughts.

Stop just going crazy on the thought of how to win my ex back and start believing that you will get your ex back.

A food for thought is that you need to make yourself whole, emotionally and physically once again. Pray ask God to help you regain control of feelings and mind. Start telling yourself how good you are and that someone would be lucky to have you in their life.

It doesn’t matter if you made mistakes because mistakes is what makes you better by learning from them.

Many individuals are not confident in their relationships because they believe in their hearts that they are not good enough. That is toxic for their souls and makes them feel inferior to the other person. When that happens, they continue to make mistakes in their relationships and sometimes the other person runs all over them.

If you do not do the difficult work of making yourself completely whole, every relationships you get yourself into, will be an attempt to complete what you are missing.

When  you are completely whole within yourself, you are able to love and give more of yourself in every relationship.

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Second Step – How To Win My Ex Back

Go to the gym, buy some new clothes, and maybe get a haircut. Make yourself more presentable and confident. By taking care of yourself, you are making yourself feel better and more attractive.

Go do things that you enjoy doing. This is giving your ex space and making him or her miss you. Reflect on what you did wrong and what you could do better next time without feeling bad about yourself.

I told you that mistakes are good. It is what makes you grow and become better. That is a very important aspect that helped me learn how to win my ex back.

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Third Step – How To Win My Ex Back

Now after you are completely whole withing yourself and in control you can contact them. The best way I have discovered to contact an ex after losing him or her is writing a love letter. A love letter, well written will touch someone’s heart. It is better than writing 1000 text messages.

A love letter will make your ex miss you. They could read and read the letter over and over.

You can pour your whole heart and explain your whole perspective in the situation without any pressure. You must remember to be completely honest about your feelings. If you were do one who messed up in the relationship, you can tell the other person what you can do better and what you have learned being apart. If your ex was the one who messed up, you can explain fully how your ex hurt you and what you want from them.

Those were a few tips that I guarantee, if you do them it will help you get your ex back. You can win your ex back if you are saying and thinking, “I want my ex back!”

If you want to learn more tips in how to win my ex back, that has helped thousands of others win their ex back, check this out, get my ex back!

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