How To Prevent A Break Up With these Relationship Tips

Prevent A Break Up

Preventing a break a requires psychological understanding of how man and woman are different.

Also in order to prevent a break up you have to make the conscious effort to reflect on what is going wrong and be disciplined and determined to learn new relationship tips to improve your relationship.

Why do couples break up?

  • Lack of communication
  • Staying in the comfort zone
  • Lack of understanding how each other are different
  • Lack of patience
  • Trying to hard to change the other rather than changing themselves
  • Thinking the grass is greener on the other block

Thank God that perfection is not a requirement to have a wonderful long lasting relationship. Why? Because no one is perfect. Get that in your mind if you are trying to prevent a break up or have broken up already.

When a man or a woman realize that they are both different individuals with different needs and different perceptions, they will be able to save their energies from only finding faults with one another. Then they will be able to waste their energy appropriately while being more creative and in turn be able to find solutions to their relationship problems.

In life we tend to get more of what we focus on. If we focus on problems, we get more problems. If we focus on solutions, our minds somehow find solutions to any problem. I believe that without without solutions, there wouldn’t be any problems, and without problems, there wouldn’t be any solutions.

How To Prevent A Break Up By Learning How Men And Women Are Different


Learn What A Woman And A Man Needs With These Relationship Tips.

What Does A Woman Need?

She wants her man to listen to her and empathy when she is talking. She does not want him to just shut her down by offering a solution right away. She just wants him to hold her and says he understands.

What Does A Man Need?

He wants to feel appreciate by his woman. He does not need her to try to fix him or give him advice right away when something is wrong. He wants to feel he can accomplish things on his own. He just wants his woman to support his actions.

Why is this so important?

This is very important because it is the cause of most relationship problems, especially break ups. This tend to create lots of misunderstandings, hurting their communication.

When a woman is speaking and complaining about her day, a man wants to feel he can fix her problems therefore is eager to speak and give her a solution right away. A woman does not like that and wants his empathy. She wants him to just hold her and kiss her. She wants to feel that she is listened to and wants to express her feelings. A woman just wants to speak her mind and let her emotions out.

When a man is facing a problem, a woman being the nurturer that she is just wants to offer her opinion and tell him what to do as well. She wants to fix and change him. A man just wants to feel accomplished and that he can face the problems on his own.

This is a major problem that creates differences between a man and a woman. In order to prevent a break up, it is important that a man and a woman understands each other by learning their differences.

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