Sweet text Messages – Here’s a Quick Way to Impress Your Girl

text messaging Sweet text Messages   Here’s a Quick Way to Impress Your Girl

Who Wants to Learn to Impress a Girl With Sweet (SMS) text messages?

Expressing your fondness for a girl through some very sweet text messages can bear great fruits for any guy. However, before you pick up your phone to start typing away those cute something to your girl, I must caution you that if a girl is not into you, she will probably never respond to your sweet text messages. And she will end up ignoring you completely if you bombard her with overtly sweet messages.

So remember the one rule; NEVER MAKE HER UNCOMFORTABLE. With this rule in mind let’s take a look at the sweet text message ideas we have in store for you today.

“Was that semi-colon some kind of flirty wink or just bad punctuation?”
― Azadeh Aalai

Read Bellow for Secrets to Write Sweet text Messages to Your Girl

  • Just wanted to tell you, I was thinking of you.

A girl finds it really sweet when a guy expresses himself to her. If you two have hit it off well then she wants to know if you are thinking about her however getting a minute by minute status report of your emotional conditional will make her run for cover. So whenever you are thinking about her, tell her just that because she wants to hear it. Especially if you are text messaging your girlfriend, she wants to receive sweet messages such as “I am thinking about you baby”

  • Send her a picture of some flowers

Nothing impresses a girl better than flowers, so no matter how far off you are from her, make an effort and run down to the nearest flower shop with your Smartphone and click away some lovely flowers. Send it to her instantly to floor her completely.

  • Make an effort, cook for her and send her its picture

Cook something for your lady love and if you have it in you, cook a dessert and send her some impressive clicks of your dish. Just leave those bland text messages behind and do something special which she can relate to easily and make your place in her heart forever.

  • Learn to compliment her for the pictures she sends to you

If there is one thing that your girl expects when she gets close enough to start sharing pictures with you, it is a compliment. Don’t waste this perfect opportunity to send her the sweetest of the sweet text messages. Don’t go overboard enough to say ‘Aww lawd, girl, show me them titties’. She wants to hear a compliment, not your perverted fantasy. Be smart, not stupid.

  •  Let’s go out and do something!

Once you are ready, take her out for a dinner or for a long walk. Texts has its limits, technology has its limits. It’s up to you now to take your relationship to the next level and there is no better time to do that when you are with her. Remember to give her the attention she deserves rather than being hung on your phone the whole time.

  • Miss Ya

Missing someone you care for is natural as all of us crave for that physical proximity with our partner. So text her now and tell her now that you miss her and do what it takes to meet her right away. Telling her that you miss her is sweet but nothing is sweeter than your effort to get to her even if it is the middle of the night to prove her worth in your life.

Remember these tips, keep your emotions in check and keep yourself in control till the time she is fully into you. Beyond this there won’t be any limits left.

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  1. Dylan Summers says

    Hey thank you so much for your tips!!! I love the article. I have had a hard time knowing what to text, but you made me reflect!

    Take care,

  2. Leslie says

    I am a girl, and i totally agree with your article on sweet text messaging a girl. This is how you should do it!

  3. Steven Roberts says

    Thanks for a great article. In order to send a sweet text message to a girl, you have to be creative. Perception sometimes confuses us. Great information John. Thanks

  4. jon terns says

    You are a genius! I just tried out two if these texts and almost instantly I got back “awww” and big smiley’s! I don’t know how you do it, but you always seem to have the best advice around, I think that’s why I’m always reading your latest posts! :)

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