1. sexypanty07 says

    I can’t tell you what % but it actually isn’t as high as you think. I am a swinger and the group I belong to have about 100 couples that have been doing it for years and nobody has thought of divorce.

  2. Adrianna N says

    idk…. Probablly alot… But if it was me I like the open relationships where I aint got to worry about all that

  3. Master Richard says

    depends on the couple I think, but the ones i know are not only still married, but very much in love and faithful to each other!
    (by faithful, I mean NEVER play without the others consent)

  4. russell c says

    If you don’t care or love the one your with go ahead and share them. 90 percent will spit down the road. Me I don’t share my love to another. That only means that your not satisfied with your partner.

  5. dsdkjm6 says

    I bet that the percentage is high. I think that it is nasty to put yourself out like that. People wonder why diseases are spread. I recommend being monogomist (ONLY WITH ONE PERSON AT A TIME)

  6. BabeHeart says

    I haven’t seen stats, but from my experience it’s not as many as you’d think. People that get involved in the lifestyle separate sex from love, and typically have ‘rules’ about interactions with others.

    It’s definitely not for everyone, not even for most, but for those who have a very solid relationship, where jealousy and insecurity aren’t factors, but they both want to add a little spice to their sex lives, then it can definitely be a positive experience.

  7. Harry Taco says

    If both people agree to swinging and embrace the lifestyle, why would they end getting a divorce because of it? If both partners are in love but enjoy the variety that this lifestyle brings, then the percentage should be very low.

  8. drew_blood06 says

    As long as both people are on the same page in terms of expectations and they’re honest with each other, my guess is that percentage is probably a lot lower than in conventional marriages. It’s when people are dishonest, deceitful, and who do things behind each other’s backs that things get ugly.

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