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Learn the best advice on relationship for men and women on the internet from an expect relationships coach. John Jones is an expect in dating advice, teaching how to get an ex back, and making relationships work.

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John Jones – My Story

Hello! I am John Jones, and probably the most unexpected relationship adviser you are ever going to have.

I cannot boast of the degrees and relationship certifications, but I have read tons of books, interviewed and helped couples all around the world, and I have some ideas that will help your relationship.

How do I know that? Because it has helped mine and that of many others too!

At an earlier time in my life, I made some dire mistakes, which I didn’t even recognize at that time.

I wanted a happy relationship, but I simply didn’t know how to! Later, I realized that a lot more persons were in my shoes; we all needed help, and we needed to learn from each others’ mistakes.

Fortunately, I am thirty now, with a lot much knowledge on relationships and I am willing to help!


“John taught me how to get my ex back with his awesome relationship advice. He made my ex love me again!”

Why Learn My Tips?

My goal is to share tips on how you can improve your relationships, the differences that matter and the lessons that only experience can otherwise teach.

You will not only get insights on relationships, but we will also discuss topics on:



Self-Confidence, etc.

Here, you will learn about the thoughts, habits, and actions that are congruent to a successful relationship!

I am glad to create a website where I could help others learn how to fix their relationships and feel love once again

Qualifications & Awards

Master Coach on Life, Relationships (Fixing Broken Relationships, Attraction, Marriage Counseling, Dating Tips, and Counseling any relationship conflicts.


  • Business Administration
  • Master Coach
  • Counseling Couples
  • Many Courses on Relationships


  • Helped more than 5000 couples
  • Read over 50 books on relationships
  • Coaching
  • Problem Solving Expert


Resources on how to end your break-up and how to make someone fall in love with you. Best dating advice resources online.

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