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Hello! I am John Jones, and probably the most unexpected relationship adviser you are ever going to have. I cannot boast of the degrees and relationship certifications, but I have read tons of books, interviewed and helped couples all around the world, and I have some ideas that will help your relationship.

How do I know that? Because it has helped mine and that of many others too!

At an earlier time in my life, I made some dire mistakes, which I didn’t even recognize at that time.

I wanted a happy relationship, but I simply didn’t know how to! Later, I realized that a lot more persons were in my shoes; we all needed help, and we needed to learn from each others’ mistakes.

Fortunately, I am thirty now, with a lot much knowledge on relationships and I am willing to help!


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How to Win Relationships (HTWR)

Relationships Advice Website

How This Website Started

The idea of creating a website kick-started after I had a major break up some years back. I loved my then ex-girlfriend but a lot went wrong, and we parted ways. However that incident made me read my first life-changing book: Love Tactics – How to Win the One You Want (NO, I am not trying to sell you the book, I just need you to understand how I got to where I am); it changed my perspective about relationship and realized why I failed in relationships.

Those hardest moments of my relationship life soon came to an end, and I began sharing some advice with my friends, and they came back with good news!

Then, I thought, why not spread the happiness?

This website is about:

Relationship Advice


Fixing Breakups

Tips on Marriage

Why should you listen to me?

If you’re wondering why you should take relationship advice from me; here’s the answer:
‘A trial will probably convince you.’

Apart from the fact that the past 10 years of my life have been used in studying books and live relationships and how to make them better; I started HTWR because I am passionate about sharing the nuggets and magic information that can help ignite the sparkles of love.

My goal is to share tips on how you can improve your relationships, the differences that matter and the lessons that only experience can otherwise teach.

You will not only get insights on relationships, but we will also discuss topics on:



Self-Confidence, etc.

Here, you will learn about the thoughts, habits, and actions that are congruent to a successful relationship!

I am glad to create a website where I could help others learn how to fix their relationships and feel love once again.


I Was Once Like You; Let Me Show You How To Overcome Your Relationship challenges

Check out the articles here, and feel free to share this website to those who are in need of relationship advice. Also, be rest assured that you will always find valuable information here. So please share!

Here are a few important:

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How about the Affiliate Links?

You may find some affiliate links on my website, I need you to understand that they are not there for the little commissions I make off them; but because I strongly feel the recommended materials carry value and great help that can help your relationship become better.

Alternatively, you can opt for the free resource articles which you can easily read, share, and drop your comments/questions (I’d be glad to answer) if the affiliate materials are not your thing or better still, you can check the contact page for my email address and email me anytime, any day for relationship advice!

It is my passion to coach, teach, influence, and impact others’ lives

Let’s do this together and get you what you desire!

Best of love and happiness

John Jones.