how to get my ex back

HOW to Get My Ex Back



  There are 4 guaranteed steps to fixing your relationship and getting your ex back. I will show you exactly how to get him or her back but first, you have to build back trust. This is free advice on how to get my ex back.


Get My Ex Back


You will see how it works like magic, if you follow my advice. I have fixed hundreds of broken relationships.

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You know you really want your ex back when you cannot stop thinking about him or her. You feel like you can’t move forward. You are constantly thinking up ways to get your ex back even though you are far away from each other. I BET YOU ALL OF THESE THOUGHTS HAVE HUNTING YOU AND DRIVING YOU NUTS !!

Am I going to get my ex back

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How to get my ex back using the law of attraction But the question before we dive deep into the real hazard of broken trust in relationships is:

Do you really want your ex back? Is it worth it? More on: Breaking up with someone you love.

Always reflect first before jumping in or holding to tightly onto a broken relationship.

Three things for you to consider for the back burner while we venture to undo the habits that break trust in relationships are:

how to get my ex back

How to Get Your Ex Back by Building Trust

The First:

What was once good can also get spoiled. Is it really good to have something back that is naturally coming apart? When people force things to come back together or to stand in agreement despite feelings and thoughts that are resistant it may lead to a bad end, and wasted time. When you want to fix the broken trust really ask yourself, can I continue to be with this person after being offended the way I was? Or can they be with me after what I did to them? Are we the type of people that are able to move forward after a breach of trust?

The Second:

Two. Building trust takes years; breaking it takes a single moment. Ask yourself do I have the time and focus to give to building trust? AND Can I trust myself or my ex to not do anything stupid to break the trust? What will happen if the trust is broken again and again? Will I still hold on?

The Third:

Three. Rationally speaking, what will it require from both of us to come back to love. What does our love feel like? How do we experience love with each other? Will we accept one another, Respect one another, and most of all will we trust one another? Bottom line, trust is a choice first. To win your ex back and fix the broken trust, you have to choose to trust again. By trusting again you can open up the relationship for intimacy to grow and together you can move forward.

Broken relationships are reversible. In fact, using these four easy steps to building trust again can help you get on track and get your ex back fast. Below are my four easy steps and takeaways from a book that I read called, “The Magic of Making Up” that no ex can deny. I can guarantee that you will be successful in getting your ex back and building trust once again. He or she will be back in your arms in no time!

4 Steps to Get My Ex Back


[step_graphics style=”2″ color=”#220303″][step style=”2″ text=”1″ headline=”Remain%20Stable%20″]%3Cp%3ESo%20you%20broke%20up%20with%20your%20girlfriend%20or%20boyfriend%2C%20or%20maybe%20he%20or%20she%20broke%20up%20with%20you%20and%20you%20are%20freaking%20out!%20Now%20is%20the%20time%20to%20remain%20calm.%20Discover%20everything%20that%20is%20going%20right%20in%20your%20life%20and%20nurture%20what%20is%20rock%20solid%20and%20unshakeable%20is%20it%20your%20job%3F%20Your%20education%3F%20How%20about%20other%20relationships%3F%20Seeking%20to%20find%20everything%20that%20is%20stable%20in%20your%20life%20will%20bring%20stability%20back.%20Not%20only%20will%20this%20be%20god%20for%20you%20right%20now%2C%20but%20is%20always%20super%20attractive%20to%20any%20mate.%20%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][/step_graphics]

how to get my ex back quickly

Remember your thoughts create actions and your actions create a habit. Gain control over your thoughts and thought-life. Take captive every thought and pray for divine wisdom and guidance from God.

Perhaps there is something coming up for you that is a pattern or habit here that needs to be fixed or rewired. Having a better understanding of your thoughts and how they create actions and how the actions then create habits can help you determine where the trust needs to be reestablished.

What part of your journey together could trust have grown? How was the relationship asking for more trust and interdependence? Ultimately, trust begins with your relationship to God, then to yourself, then extends to your ex. Continue to seek stability, wisdom guidance for your relationship, and start building trust where you see it can be built up.


how to get my ex back through text

While resisting your ex for a short period of time. Make yourself outrageously attractive by focusing on what you want. All of what you want in life. This is called focus. Any person focused and intent on getting results and moving forward is immeasurably more attractive than any dud on the couch at his moms. Work out, start eating healthy, take your vitamins, read books, and buy some new clothes.

You would think by focusing on yourself would give your ex time to find a new guy. But anytime working on yourself and trusting the love that was exchanged between the two of you is the best thing you can do for yourself and your ex. Trust is being reestablished even as you are a part. Trusting each other even while you are a apart is a vital key to healthy, happy relationships.


get my ex back

Once you are cool, calm, collected and strong get back in touch with your ex. One of my favorite ways is to write a love letter. Expressing your feelings to your ex is one of the many ways you can communicate how you feel. All communication is vital so verbal, written, and physical communication (body language) are all sending signals to how you really feel towards your ex.

Here is a great article called: How to write romantic love letters for her. Communication is also vital for winning your ex back and fixing any broken trust between you two by allowing for all types of communication to flow. One of the reasons a well-written love letter works is that it actually has the miraculous ability to touch their heart. Words well sown can heal and nurture the most intimate spaces of your ex’s heart where maybe a casual conversation won’t

[step_graphics style=”2″ color=”#271d1d”][step style=”2″ text=”4″ headline=”Trust%20is%20what%20you%20make%20it.%20″]%3Cp%3EBuilding%20trust%20is%20hard%20if%20you%20don%E2%80%99t%20know%20what%20it%20is%20or%20what%20it%20means%20to%20you.%20Generally%20and%20universally%2C%20trust%20is%20being%20able%20to%20openly%20share%20yourself%20with%20another%20person%20and%20knowing%20whether%20intuitively%20or%20from%20experience%20that%20the%20other%20person%20will%20respect%20you%2C%20accept%20you%20and%20love%20you%20anyway.%20You%20feel%20confident%20with%20your%20whole%20self-expression.%20You%20feel%20like%20you%20can%20be%20yourself.%20%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][/step_graphics]

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Establishing and building trust again means being honest with yourself and your significant other. Without pretense and too much explanation, offer yourself wholly and be the example here -this to yourself and to yourself without judgment! You must fully accept yourself and love yourself to trust yourself.

To find the answer to your question, how to get my ex back for good and not lose her again.

This is the best thing you can do to get your ex back; it is a close cousin to freedom! Lastly, think about what trust means to you. Do not take my word for it. Establish what it means to trust someone with your life and heart.

If you are a guy I bet in your mind you thought: “How to get your ex girlfriend back from another guy”. Here is your answer: to get your ex-girlfriend back.

Get Your Ex Back


If you are a woman I bet your already thought: “How to get him back after he dumps you”. Here is your answer: How to get my ex-boyfriend back. Using these four steps to winning your ex back by fixing broken trust is a sure fire way to stay on track and reestablishing the relationship you have with each other.

Remember trust takes years to build and only a moment to break. I encourage you to write the letter and examine your reasons why saving this relationship is a good idea. A amazing article called: How to win a girl back after you hurt her.

Be prepared that when you do get your ex back to invest in building trust again, remain stable throughout the relational ups and downs, build yourself up and stay strong, mature our loyalty by trusting love is returned, and practice honesty with who you are.

As Shakespeare once said, “The course to true love is never easy.” Its not easy, a long lasting love takes time, effort and continual pursuit. Those of you who love the chase, remember the chase isn’t over when you your ex says, “yes.” The chase and the real work has only just begun.

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