How to Get My Ex-Boyfriend Back In Love


Easy and Quick Steps to Getting My Ex-Boyfriend Back

Relationship “with that special someone” may sometimes not turn out as we expect. You can be head-over-heels in love with your boyfriend today, and break up the next moment. This leaves you broken and depressed that you may start making attempts to restore the relationship to get him back. Have you wondered why things turned out this way?

Is the only thing interesting you now is how to get your ex back? Or how to win your ex-boyfriend back from his new girlfriend? Do you need help to get him back for keeps this time? If yes, then you need not worry anymore because you will get all the information you need to get it right this time.

Get My Ex-Boyfriend Back


Getting my ex-boyfriend back after the breakup a few years ago was the most difficult time in my life. I would literally sleep with tears and wake up with the fear of what life would be without him. These thoughts kept coming, and there was nothing I could do to stop them. I lost my confidence, glow, and even stopped eating. When I think back…I still wish I knew what I do now.

If you are at that point where you feel this way, or you know someone who does…be rest assured you are getting all the tried and tested tips that helped me through my ordeal.

Regardless of whose fault it was, there are a number of important and very effective steps I used then that made it easier for me to cope with the breakup, correct my mistakes and get him back in love with me again. However, to get him back with you, first of all, consider your unique situation properly by establishing if you still love him and whether or not you want the relationship restored. This article will provide you with useful steps to get your boyfriend back once you’ve decided that’s actually what you want.

After I had realized there was no need beating myself up, or getting frustrated and regretting the breakup, I then decided to take action, and I followed these steps that took me from being broken and clueless to get my ex-boyfriend back after break up. Although this didn’t happen overnight, it neither took as long as I feared it would. But with patience and determination, we were back in love again, and stronger this time!

Identify What Led To the Breakup

There’s nothing you want badly than how to get your boyfriend back? OK, that’s a good start, but before you try to win back your ex-boyfriend, you need to first reflect on what happened in the relationship that made things get sour, resulting in the breakup. Try to be as frank as you can be about the situation at this point, so you don’t cause further pain to him, especially if you were responsible for making hasty decisions that made you breakup with him.

Do not make your partner see you as indecisive, else to guard his heart against getting hurt again, he might refuse any attempt you make to get him back with you.

Be sure to pinpoint what exactly led to the breakup. Do not consider how to win your ex-boyfriend back until you have given the whole situation a thorough thought. Once you’ve succeeded in identifying the cause of the breakup, it would then be easy to decide the best approach to ensure you get back with him.

Avoid getting yourself Depressed

After you’ve cried your heart out to sleep severally and woken up only to be hit by the reality of things, what next? It wasn’t long till I realized I just couldn’t keep living in depression-at least that didn’t bring him back. I resolved to get help, and I did!

Immediately, I decided to stop feeling bad about what had happened and focus on ways on how to win him back even if he might have started dating again. Constantly, I did everything to stay happy and rid myself of negative thoughts. I stopped locking myself indoors and went out more often. This helped me gain more confidence and keep my mind busy.

So, before you allow yourself get depressed over a break up next time, remember that only a cheerful countenance can attract the right person, and your happiness should never be compromised. Easy as it may sound though, gradual steps each day will make this possible.

Stop Contacting Him for the First Few Weeks

I remember how I had to fight the urge to call my ex-boyfriend literally. I would stir at his number, imagining how to win him back with just a “magical call.” Well, that never happened. When I realized that I was hurting myself more by wishing things would just get back the way they were, I knew the best thing to do was to first delete his number from my contacts list-of course I had written the number in my notepad before deleting. This decision helped me pull through. Learn more on getting back with an ex.

Take time off to focus on you and be happy. It is normal to be emotionally imbalanced after a breakup, but calling your ex-boyfriend is definitely not a healthy thing to do. This space will help you and your partner evaluate your break, heal, and determine how much you miss each other. Do not contact him just yet, but if he makes an attempt to contact through a call or text, you can communicate with him, though, you must try to keep your feelings under control until you are sure of his intentions first.

Bring the Old You Back

Just like being in love can bring out qualities you never thought you had, breakups can also bring out the worse part of anyone.
Make a conscious effort to bring back your radiant and cheerful self. People change overtime no doubt, but you need to bring back the girl he was once in love with.

Take out time and enjoy doing those things that make you happy. Hang out with friends that love what you do. You may have stopped caring about yourself after the breakup. You need to spend more time on your appearance. Do whatever to look more attractive, this will make you build confidence and feel good about yourself again.

Flaunt Yourself

Once you’ve taken time off to heal and you are ready to get him back, then, you must bring that glam back. Go shopping if you need new outfits, change your hairstyle, and embrace a totally new opportunity to get his attention. Take very beautiful pictures and post them on every of your social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram where he’s sure to notice. Make sure you look happy in the photos. Put up new pictures often, and he is sure to notice you this way.

Make Him Jealous

Yes, it’s time to make him want you by making him jealous. Show him that you are having fun with friends and are not bothered by the breakup. At this point, if he still wants you back, he will try to contact you. But don’t overdo it, so he doesn’t get the wrong impression that you’ve moved on with someone else.

How to Get Him Back


Contact Him the Right Way

If you contact your ex-boyfriend the wrong way after a breakup, the outcome might make you feel even worse off than before.
Excessive calling, texting, and mailing your ex boyfriend would make you look desperate, and this is very unattractive. It may just push him further away from you.

Do not rush him, you might be ready to get your ex-boyfriend back. However, he may not feel the same way yet. What led to the breakup in the first place, would determine how to win your ex-boyfriend back. It may not be too difficult to get him back if the relationship ended due to minor arguments, but if cheating or any form of distrust led to the breakup, then, it may be hard to work things out.

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Use the Right Words When You Meet

When you’ve contacted him the right way, and you both have decided to meet to talk, what exactly should you say not to blow that first opportunity to fixing the breakup? Try not to get intimate, telling him how much you love him, and badly you want him back.
Be as neutral as possible. Talk about things like work, his hobbies, or general life issues.

Be cheerful all through the meeting even if you have to fake it. Don’t show any form of weakness as this might not be healthy for the both of you. Avoid talking intimately about the relationship since you both may not be emotionally ready to get back together yet.


Get My Ex-Boyfriend Back


Assess His Interests in Getting Back With You

After that very first meeting since the breakup, try to assess things and see if there might be a chance of mending things with him.
Do not worry if it seems like he just wants you both to be friends and nothing more. He might need more time and maybe even more meetings to make up his mind finally.

Stay happy, remain beautiful, be patient, and respect him. In no time, he will be on the same emotional footing as you are. Just don’t rush or chase him as this may put him off. However, if after about 4 to 5 meetings and he hasn’t made his feelings concerning getting back together again, you can apologize if you said or did hurtful things to him during your breakup.

If you are sure, you still love him, tell him. If he doesn’t feel the same anymore, don’t feel bad. You will find someone else who would love you. It’s time to stop thinking about how to get your ex back? Or how to win him back? Accept the breakup and move on.

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