Look at the list of things you can’t do and should avoid at all times if trying to learn how to win your love back. Here you will Discover how to win love back  if you had real Love in your life and because of some devastating reason you seem to have lost it.

Do you want the fuzzy feeling you had in your heart and soul once again? Do you want your love to call you and text you all day long once again? Do you want to end the break up? Do you want your ex to come running back after you? Do you want you love back in your arms making you feel you are the happiest person in the world once again?

So if you said yes to the above question look at what you should avoid. You will not get your love back if you are doing this.

What Not to Do if Trying to Win Your Love Back


  • Pursue your ex aggressively and see desperate
  • Act like your ex is the only person in the world
  • Show your ex that you are depressed
  • Ignore your self

If you really don’t want to get your ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, or ex-spouse back please do the above things on the list, it will WORK! Now if you are really looking for ways in how to win love back because you once had it with your ex, do not, I repeat, DO NOT do the things on the list.

Let me explain each one.


1- Pursue you ex aggressively – If you text your ex hundreds of text messages, keep trying to talk to your ex, and keep showing up to where you ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, or ex-spouse is, You will push your ex further and further away. Your ex will not be able to miss you and think about being with you again. See, human nature sometimes wants what they can’t have or have lost. That is how we are built. It is psychological. There effective ways to contact your ex through text messaging without pursuing aggressively, read this article [For your ex boyfriend – READ Get your ex boyfriend back by Text or for your ex girlfriend – READ Get your ex Girlfriend back by Text]

2- Act like your Ex is the only person in the world – This is definitely not a way in how to win love back. Why? Because getting your love back requires you to be confident and self-assured. People don’t like a partner who is not confident of him or herself. People are attracted to others who can stand on their two feet.

3 – Show your love that you are depressed – If you do this your love will think that he or she can get you back when they want to and this will psychologically also push them away because it is too easy. If you lost your love and is trying to win his love back or win her love back, you need to start acting happy or secure. You need to show you ex that your are okay on your own. I am not saying act hard to get or completely ignore your ex if he or she is trying to call you. I am saying that if you lost your love and they are acting like you do not exist you have to psychologically act like you are okay.

4 – Ignore yourself – I mean do not act like you ex love is more important than you own self. You are your own best friend. People will come and go in your life but you will be with your self, walking in your own two feet until the day you die. You have to love your self and take care of yourself first. People don’t want other who does not appreciate themselves. This will also push your love farther and farther away.

And, that is my advice for for what not to do if trying to learn ways in how to win love back.

There are many tips in how to win your love back by learning exactly what TO DO.

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