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  • It’s important to assess what led to the break-up
  • Create time out to be alone
  • Work on yourself
  • Realize when it’s time to move on




Advice To Get Ex Back

Advice To Get Ex Back


It’s no surprise that even “perfect-match” relationships could head for the rocks, resulting in break-ups. Sometimes, this feeling leaves you wondering just how to win your ex back? Most especially if the emotions are still very strong.

Depending on what may have led to the breakup, it’s normal to feel lonely just after a split. You realize how badly you want your partner and you may even begin to search for ways on how to get your ex back, or how to get over a breakup fast and move on with your life.

Trying to get back with your ex is usually a very frightening thing to do because it’s uncertain if the feeling is mutual. This may lead to fear of being rejected. However, if you take your time to believe more in yourself and learn from the past, there’s a strong possibility they’ll say yes.

Once you’ve decided to win your ex back, try to work on any bad habits you have or mistakes you may have caused to break up the relationship in the first place.

I’ve had my fair share of breakups in the past, terrifying as it seemed- sometimes I felt like I was suffocating with so much hurt in my heart, I eventually had to pull myself together and learn a few tricks that greatly helped me get my ex back.

Here are a few steps that helped me overcome the loneliness and depression that accompanied the breakup and how I was able to win my ex back in just a few weeks. These tips worked for me and I bet you’ll find them useful.

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STEP 1 – It’s important to assess what led to the break-up


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While you might still have strong feelings for your ex and often be tempted to call or text, it’s important and healthy to take some time off to critically think through and establish what resulted to the break-up in the first place. Even if the break-up was solely due to your mistake, if your goal is finding ways of how to get back with your ex, then this step is unavoidable.

Firstly, try to establish what role each person played to contribute to the split? Most issues in relationships build up over a period of time, that’s why it’s always important to do a personal appraisal or soul searching from time to time to avoid a breakdown in communication. Learn more about communication here: What is communication.

Some researchers have attributed failure of most relationships, especially romantic relationships to lack of effective communication among couples. It’s advisable for couples to always discuss their frustrations before things degenerate into a breakup and you are left with figuring out ways on how to get your ex back. Although issues like jealousy or infidelity may be difficult to overcome, counseling can help in these areas.

Secondly, make effort to recall who may have caused the breakup. You can ask questions like: Was it me? If so, was I compelled by anger that I now regret or after careful thought? Or was it my ex fault, and did he or she have specific reasons? Was it a mutual decision? It is vital that you understand who controlled the breakup and why it happened in the first place.

Thirdly, though breakups may bring pain and confusion, try to interpret your emotions during this hard time because the pains and loneliness caused by the breakup can easily be misinterpreted as evidence that you want to get back with your ex. However, the severity of your feelings doesn’t necessarily mean you must seek ways on how to get back with ex.

STEP 2 – Create time out to be alone

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Experiencing a breakup can be very devastating. That’s why it breakups should be well managed. Importantly, you should avoid any form of contact with your ex during the first month after the breakup. This measure will help you heal and give your ex the impression that you are doing just fine without him or her, which may just not be what they had expected.

Staying away from any form of contact with your ex will make him or her miss you and give you ample time prepare yourself for another relationship-either with your ex or someone else. This will also help you work on areas you may need improvement.

In case you may have triggered the breakup, no need beating yourself about it, take this time to point out your weaknesses and try to fix them so you can become a better person who’s now prepared on how to get over a breakup or how to get your ex back. If you are trying to get a girl back, check out how to win a girl back fast.

During this period, learn to focus on yourself. Go out more and hang out with your friends and family. Do whatever it takes to get your mind off the breakup. Also, don’t be tempted to go looking for your ex during this period. To avoid looking desperate, avoid texting, calls, asking about your ex from friends or people, or finding out if your ex is seeing anyone.

STEP 3 – Work on yourself

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A breakup can wreck your self-esteem, so be careful to avoid doing things that may present you as desperate or lack in self-worth. It’s normal to sometimes want your ex around to make you feel better about yourself, but that can only be achieved by you alone.

Believe in your self-worth and love yourself. Say to yourself each day “I am complete”.

To help improve your self-esteem, concentrate on your strengths and do those things that make you feel useful and adequate. For instance, if you are good at making jokes, go ahead and use that talent to make people laugh, you might just find yourself laughing away and forgetting your sorrows, at least for that moment.

Also, make yourself look more attractive by either getting a new hair-cut or hair-do. Explore new looks, be the person your ex was once head-over-heels in love with. You may also decide to spend more time with others, this may bring about jealousy since your ex may think you are interested in dating again and may quickly decide to step in and stop you from considering someone else.

STEP 4- Realize when it’s time to move on

How To Get Over A Breakup

How To Get Over A Breakup

In case you’ve been considering: How to win my ex back? How to get over a breakup? How to get your ex back? It is important to note that not all breakups can be fixed.

While you might still have feelings for your ex, remember that not all relationships are actually meant to be. Look out for signs of abuse, infidelity, or any form of disrespect that may have made the relationship toxic. Once identified, accept the breakup and look ahead.

Lastly, close friends and family may have good insight into what transpired in your relationship, so you can get a clue from them if it’s safe for you to stick around or move on.

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Don’t hesitate to use these steps to win your ex back or get over a breakup!

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