Let us face it, the most romantic gestures that any man can perform for a woman is to simply write her a love letter.

I am going to explain exactly you can write the best love letter that she can get and also going to provide a link to an article I wrote with some sample love letters at the end of this article to give you some great ideas!

Before I show you how to write A GREAT Love Letter, let me explain this:


  • It Will Be The Best Gift She Receives From You
  • Heal A Broken Heart
  • Touch Her Soul, Spirit, Mind, Heart, Emotions, and Feelings
  • She Will Think Of You, Over and Over Every Time She See’s Or Thinks About The Letter
Send Your Love Letter To Her

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There are many ways to write love letters for her. It is something that is free, but it is out of your heart (the most expensive gesture in my opinion).

The biggest PROBLEM, is that many men, fail to write a great letter that will touch her soul, because 1) They Are Lazy or 2) Do Not Know How To Write One.

Believe me, one of the best gift you can give a woman, is to write here a romantic love letter for her!

Before I give you the sample love letters, you have to learn how to write a love letter to your lady in order for it to be uniquely from your HEART to HERS!

You must also promise you will not copy the sample letters at the link on the bottom of this page.

Okay let me start.

The First Most Important Step Before Writing A Love Letter For Her is this:

You have to close your eyes and visualize your love for her. Picture how much you love her. Feel the feeling inside your heart. Remember the good times you shared together. Remember the first time you felt in love with her. Did you get nervous? Did you shake a little?

Visualize Before Writing Love Letters For Her

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This will get you inspired!

There is no need to worry if you are not a professional writer or poet.

A handwritten letter that pours your heart into words straight out of your heart, with a goal to touch your beloved lady, will be sure to please and will be something which your girlfriend or wife will save for years to come, always remembering your love.

Regardless if you guys stay together or not, most female will save their love letters. YES THEY DO!

You do not have to write a three-page love letter that contains inspirational words of love for your girlfriend, wife, or someone you are interested in. It is not so much the words in a letter as compared to way a letter is presented.

You will find suggestions below that will help you with some great ideas in creating the perfect love letters for her.


Steps To Writing Love Letters for her

Tips and tricks concept.


  • No matter if you are a poet or someone who cannot rhyme two words, what matters most is that the words you write on the love letter are sincere and they come from your heart. Make sure you write down exactly how you feel about her. Express every thought and feelings.
  • Write about your first date. Tell her all the details about that date. Explain exactly how she made you feel. Let her know if you were nervous and is your heart was pounding (Girls Do Love That). It makes them feel special to know that she was the only one that made you feel like that!
  • NEVER type a love letter. Always write a love letter with your own handwriting. It is more unique.
  • Use the best handwriting you can. Make sure that it is in black ink or blue ink.
  • Always place a date on the letter that you write. This will make it memorable in years to come when your when your ex saves the later. If she sees the letter again in the future, it will bring up the feelings again, and she can think about you over and over and over and over!!
  • Love letters should never be casual or formal. Make sure the words equal the way you feel about your girlfriend or wife.
  • Simply write about how important she is to you. Write about your dreams and goals, explaining what you picture about your future together. Girls love to have hope for the future.
  • Thank her for entering into your life and tell her how much you have learned from her.
  • Feel free to use romantic quotes or saying.
  • Declare your undying love in the love letters for her. Explain how much you love her and how much of your heart she has in her hands.
  • Decorate the letter with your own sketching or with flowers or hearts. Draw Two Hearst next to each other with each of your names inside!
  • Upon completion of the love letters for her, place the letter in an envelope. Write her name on the outside of the envelope, and wait for the right time to give it to her. The best time to present the letter is over a romantic dinner or date.

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Here you have learned some great tips on writing some good love letters for her!


Romantic Love Letter For Her

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