Love Letters for Him

Writing Love Letters For Him

  • Learn the SECRETS to obsessive love
  • Discover how to write romantic love letters for him that will make him fall in love with your words, and subsequently it will touch his soul


Sexy love letters for him do not have to consist of eloquent words. Keep in mind that you are writing a love letter for a man. Men are not concerned with eloquence but they are interested in the way you relay your love to them. You want to write your sexy letter in a manner, which will warm his heart while focusing on the passion he has for you.

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The following are great ideas in writing sexy love letters for him:

Love Letters for Him


  • You want to write your sexy love letter while being in a sexy mood.  Take a few minutes before you begin writing and fantasize about your lover.  Watch the thoughts and ideas that are flowing through your mind.  Now, write down everything you thought of.  If you are in a sexy mood when you write the letter, this will be displayed in your writing.  If you are having problems getting into “the mood”, feel free to wear something sexy while writing the letter.
  • After writing your sexy love letter for him, reread it.  Imagine the smile your significant other will have upon reading your sexy thoughts of him.  Imagine for a minute the sexy reaction he will have upon reading how much you want him and love him.  This should prove for great motivation to write more sexy love letters for him in the future.I would highly recommend that you handwritten your sexy love letter for your loved one.
  • Handwritten notes are more intimate in nature while proving special to your boyfriend or husband.  Take your perfume that you know he loves and lightly spray the letter with it.  The perfume will stay on the love letter for very long periods.  Men are visual creatures by nature.  Men are more ruled by their senses than women are which is why spraying perfume on the letter is a wonderful idea.
  • If you are not confident in your handwriting abilities, feel free to email your loved one the sexy letter.  Imagine his surprise when he opens up his email while at work only to read all the things you want to do to him when he get’s home.  Do not be surprised if you get a surprise lunch visit from your loved one after reading the sexy love letter for him.

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I hope you learned how to write better love letters. Just make sure you be sincere and express your feelings straight from your heart and transfer your feelings through written words. I guarantee you a romantic love letter will touch his heart!