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A person (or a couple) can’t just jump into a swingers lifestyle and expect to be a pro at it when going to a swingers dating club.  Just like other things in life, you have to do practice at it and learn the lifestyle before you live it. But don’t stress out because it’s a fairly easy lifestyle to learn – you just have to learn a few things about it before you hit up any swingers who love to party and go to swingers clubs, get on free online dating for swingers and get connected more intimately!

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So to help you master the lifestyle, here is a mini guide on what it takes to be a swinger and how to do it right:

It Takes A Village – To Become a Full member at Swingers Dating Club

If you think you’re going into the swinger lifestyle just for your own personal pleasure, you clearly do not have what it takes to be a swinger. The first thing you have to realize about the lifestyle is that it s a community-based activity and it is about everyone’s pleasure. And this is a general rule for every swingers club, group or forum you encounter. It is how the lifestyle thrives so throw out any notions of self-pleasure and stop thinking of “me” and change that to “we.” You have also to be willing to fulfill other sexy couples.

The biggest mistake people make when they first start swinging and going to swingers dating club is that they are all about their own pleasure and often disrespect the wishes of people in the community. Whether joining a real swinging club online that are free or paid dating websites, you have to follow guidelines and learn the process to become good at it and enjoy the most you can while having a swingers lifestyle.

If you are flying solo in the swinging lifestyle, don’t be that douche bag everybody hates because if you’re not a good fit with the community, you won’t be invited to join in on any of the community’s pleasurable and erotic activities. And the last thing you want is to be swinging with people that don’t like you (that just makes for lots of awkward moments).

Many new friends you will meet at adult clubs and free swingers dating sites have been living the lifestyle for a while now, so the know all about the community and can tell in an instant if you will be a good match with the community or not. So right of the bat, don’t come off like an A-hole and be rough or start throwing your ego around because more than likely, you’re be ostracized in every swingers dating club community you try to join.

swingers dating club

How To Start – Becoming a Swinger – Going to Swingers Dating Clubs

Although you might want to hit up a swingers club or event as a newbie, it’s often better to try out online swingers dating sites first to get the hang of the lifestyle before you move on to parties. It will give you the practice you need since swingers parties can be pretty intense if you’re new to the lifestyle.

Websites devoted to swingers are places where novices to the lifestyle can learn more about it and meet other swinging couples before actually meeting them in person. Many suggest creating online profiles on multiple swinger sites to be more effective and meet more swingers.

Just know that you have to set up a profile on each site and be proactive about looking for people and replying to messages, so if you’re too busy, focus on one or two before you over extend yourself. And make sure to really put your best face forward on the sites so that you have a better chance of meeting more people in the lifestyle.

Some sites require you to swing as a couple but there are some that allow singles to join in on all the fun. If you don’t have a swinging partner and still want to be a part of those sites, ask a close friend to join in at a swinger dating club and enjoy on your endeavors and you two will be swinging pros in no time!

Just be aware that there is many swinging websites  and swinging dating clubs that are scams, so make sure that you are joining a legit site. Usually these sites have very sexual and explicit statements that draw you in, promising “hot” couples that want to have no-strings-attached sex.

These sites are trying at attract gullible interested parties who will pay anything to join that particular kind of side. Reputable sites usually use the words “lifestyle” and “community” a lot and you might even see a few “friends” on the homepage. All sites will require you to pay a membership fee, but scam sites usually have you extra for access to added features.

How To Deal With Issues That Can Arise at Swinging Dating Clubs Online or Live

If you are swinging with your spouse or significant other, things can get tricky if both of you don’t talk about swinging and issues that can arise beforehand before couple swapping. Communication is key so that neither of you get jealous or overwhelmed by the situation. In order to life the lifestyle as a couple, the both of you need to be able to communicated how you feel about the experience and what you both want out of it. It’s also wise to talk about any boundaries before jumping in, too.

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