How To Win Her Back After She Is HURT?

→Find out now how to win a girl back!

How To Win a Girl Back

How To Win a Girl Back

Are you trying to win a girl back? Did your hurt your girlfriend? If yes, then you need to find out exactly what you did wrong.

Even if you know what you did wrong, you need to learn how to make her happy again in order to avoid future mistakes.

Unfortunately, I have made a few mistakes myself and hurt more than one girl.

Even though I regret making my ex-girlfriend feel the pain she felt because of me, I also learned lots of things that I would haven’t learned if I didn’t commit the mistake.

Sometimes mistakes are opportunities to learn something new, an opportunity to make a change, an opportunity to gain experience in order to teach someone else.

How To Win A Girl Back After You Have Hurt Her

I am going to show you some secrets I learned in how to win a girl back after you have hurt her. I am going to pass on the experience that I gained from losing a girlfriend and then having to win her back.

Why am I going to show you steps to get your girl back?

Because I know how much the pain sucks. You cannot eat, you cannot sleep right, and your mind is going completely crazy with all kinds of thoughts. Like I said, I have been there. It is one of the worst feelings in the world.

Remember it is always better to avoid making mistakes in order not to hurt your girl because one of the worse feelings in the world is losing someone because you made a mistake that you could have avoided.

However you still have a chance if you are disciplined. If you take the right steps you will be able to overcome this HORRIBLE Feeling and:


  • Win your ex-girlfriend back.
  • Win your ex-wife/ex-fiancee back.
  • Get your ex girlfriend/wife/fiancee to forgive you.
  • Get your girl to love you again.
  • Make her forget that you hurt her feelings.
  • Be completely happy because you learned how to win your girl back and it WORKED!

Get Your Ex Back


Here are the Secret Methods To Win A Girl Back After You Hurt Her


  • Reflect on Exactly What You Did Wrong
  • Work On Your Mistakes By Learning How To Avoid Them.
  • Learn How To Make A Girl Happy By Learning What Women Want.
  • Contact Your Girl

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So You Are Still Wondering Exactly What To Do To Win A Girl Back.

Okay, let me explain each one.


Reflect – By reflecting exactly what you did wrong is putting yourself in her shoes. Try to imagine what she felt and what she is feeling right now while being hurt by you.

I am not saying this in order for you to continue feeling bad. It is not about YOU right now. It is about your girl.

By taking some time to reflect you can see her point of view, therefore when you do contact your girl back after you have hurt her, you can explain exactly what you think she felt and how deeply sorry you are.

By stating what you think she felt or is feeling while being in pain, she will know that you actually care about her feelings and she will be more eager to forgive you. Read this: Master how to get your ex back.

Work On Your Mistakes – How? Well by knowing exactly what you did wrong when you reflected, you can start working on learning why you made the mistakes you did.

Learning the why, you can learn how to avoid it the next time around. Research everything you can on the mistakes you committed in order to learn what you can do to overcome them and become better.

Let me give you an example, I had problems in communicating with my girlfriend. Therefore we fought and fought because of it.

I kept on shutting her off most of the time because I did not express myself often. I researched everything I could on how to communicate better.

That helped my me make my girlfriend happy while I became a much better communicator.

How To Make A Girl Happy – This is what I call the 3 A’s. If you master the 3 A’s you will be able to make any girl happy and in love with you.

They are Appreciation, Affection, and Attention. Every girl loves to be appreciated, loves affection, and love getting attention from you.

Contact – Write a ‘handwritten letter’, NOT an email or a mobile message. A handwritten letter speaks for itself; it shows how thoughtful you are – she will certainly acknowledge the pain you take to write a letter in your own handwriting.

In the letter, state how sorry you are for what you have done and how unwavering you are on not repeating it again. Here are some more information on how to write a love letter: Love Letters For her!

You must Believe and have complete faith that you can win a girl back in order to achieve the results. I hope you like the article, to win a girl back.

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how to get a girl back

Have you been wondering or distraught over the issue of how to get a girl back? I completely understand what you are going through.

There are many reasons someone breakups up with their girl and one of the main reasons I have discovered over the many years of study I have done in relationships is due to the fact of lack of proper and correct communication. If you want to find more way in how to get your ex back, Click Here!

The first step in how to get a girl back:

  • Reflect on what went wrong in the relationship and how you can improve for future resolution of conflicts before they get to the point of break up. Most people think they know how to talk and believe they know what the other person feels just by what they think they are talking about when they speak to each other.Did you listen to her? Did you express your feelings completely? Did you tell her how you feel and make her feel special? Take this time alone to reflect on all the possible reasons that you broke up and how you can improve in order to make the relationship better.

    The second step in how to get a girl back

    The next step in getting a girl back is to talk to them sincerely and as honest as you can. Ask them questions about how you can improve. Don’t feel offended if your girl does not want you back right away but give her the respect she needs and listen to her.

    Let her express herself fully. If you listen to her, she will open up to you. If you shut her down, she will feel oppressed and will not want to talk to you.

    By listening to your girlfriend she will feel that you care about her. One thing I have learned over the years that a girl wants to feel special.

    The best way to learn how to get a girl back is to learn the 3 A’s. The 3 A’s are, Affection, Appreciation, and Attention. If you give a girl the combination of all three, as much affection, appreciation, and attention that she needs, there is no way in the world that she will no love you.


    The last step in how to get a girl back

    The last proven way to get a girl back is to buy her a really thoughtful gift, write a love letter, or make her something unique. You need to put lots of thought into it and make her feel that you really love her and is not trying to win her over to use her.

    There is a science and law to everything in life. You have think and put lots of love in everything you do. A girl can sense when you are being sincere. Believe me, yes she can. If you are honest and sincere she will notice it and love you for it.

    There are many more ways in how to get a girl back, but if you follow the principles and methods I have stated you sure will be on the way to win her back.

⇒Remember, yes you can get your ex back, just by learning the tips and techniques in how to get an ex back.

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